Racing Marks

Hurst to Lulworth Cove



On the pages above are various files which may be downloaded:-

an “xml” file which should be changed to a “gpx” file by removing the “xml” and replacing with “gpx” using a Text Editor. The file may may then be loaded into navigation apps or plotters, (this is at the risk of the user). The file contains a set of  waypoints. They are known to work with Android phones using –  Memory Map, Alpine Quest, and Marine Navigator.  And on a PC using Memory Map. It may be necessary to change the display symbol of the mark to use the correct symbol in the particular software. This is easily done with a Text Editor using the search and replace function. The initial <sym> [symbol] field may contains the buoy’s colour, ie,  R, G, Y, BYB, YBY, BBY, and YYB.  (To load onto a plotter this link may prove useful  EasyGPS )

an .html file which is an interactive Google Map of the marks in the .gpx file. The background map may be changed using the drop down list on the top right. This is a surprisingly small file. If loaded  on a phone/tablet it may be used without using data and without a connection.

Please provide feedback to webmaster@  +  “domain name” so that a list of compatible apps may be compiled.

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