Racing Marks – Hurst to Lulworth

Click the link below to open an active chart of Hurst to Lulworth Racing Marks


Marks included:-

  • Poole Bay Marks – Parkstone Yacht Club data
  • Christchurch Bay Marks – Christchurch Sailing Club data
  • PYRA Red Book Marks – Hurst to Lulworth

2021-03-19 Parkstone Yacht Clucb – Bay Marks chart

Note :-

  • Magnum (was Perenco Wych Farm)
  • Tony Brookes (was Chalys)
  • South Hook (has been permanently removed)

GPS-friendly version of Marks list

The marks list is also available in GPX format.  Software to read this file is available from many sources but one that is suitable is Easy GPS which may be downloaded from  This software can load the list onto many different types of GPS equipment. Right click the following link       2021-03-19 Hurst to Lulworth Racing Marks.xml   and select “Save as” or “Save link as”. Change the file type by deleting “xml” and replacing with “gpx”.

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