2019 Weymouth Magnum

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2019 Results Passage Series A

From the Deck of Matchmaker

We were greeted with a fine sunny day and a light North Easterly breeze. There was just enough water in East Looe although Amethyst had a little difficulty. Our start boat was Smithy who set up the start line at the Rig Shop.

Class 1 had 8 starters, class 2 1 starter, classes 3 and 4, 4 starters, and class 5 I starter. On the way back Pluto joined class 2 giving Matchmaker some competition.

Most were expecting to go to Peveril Ledge and then on to Weymouth however we were given a fetch to Perenco Wych Farm. 2 brave boats, Skykomish and The Grey Silky ventured to hoist spinnakers. The Grey Silkie saw the error of her ways and lowered their spinnaker. Skykomish was seen to hold it for some time.

The course took us from Perenco Wych Farm, then Peveril Ledge, Arish Mel and then to the finish line with intermediate times being taken at the coastguard hut, and Arish Mel. From Perenco Wych Farm it was a gentle spinnaker run however it didn’t last for ever and between Durlston and St Alban’s Head the wind dropped to next to nothing and then headed us. The wind did fill in from the Southwest and it was possible to lay Weymouth. The wind played games with us we approached Weymouth and it went light and headed us again. Shebeen had been playing the inshore route and was seen to make some significant gains towards the end while others spent time tacking this way and that to make the finish line.

Weymouth was heaving, it was the Seafood Festival and the harbour was full of large motorboats! We were rafted out 9 deep! Thankfully the winds were light. We had the rendezvous at the Royal Dorset Yacht Club and Roger gave his usual talk of naval exploits finishing with a rum tot. Thank you Roger. We enjoyed some free drinks courtesy of Magnum and prizes of bubbly.

For the race back we had a gentle SSE breeze. Most took the direct route to St Alban’s head however Zorra 3 and Matchmaker took the inner route hoping to have less adverse tide and early favourable tide. The plan didn’t work as the boats out to sea appeared to have a better breeze. We did learn where the Kimmeridge Ledges were! From Durlston Head we were able to hoist spinnakers which we held to the finish line. Matchmaker and Pluto were fighting it out, Pluto having to play the angles with the asymmetric while in Matchmaker we were able to go virtually dead downwind.

It was a good weekend.

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