2021 Poole Bay Regatta and Coaching Weekend

Monday 3nd May – Racing Cancelled

On Water Reporter – Minstral,

1st Reserve Reporter – Volante

2nd Reserve Reporter- Hope and Glory


Reports are below the photos

Photos from Matt Hit

Sunday 2 May – From the Deck of Minstral

A flat sea greeted the fleet of 17 boats as we all motored out to the start line. The race office for the day was Tim Edom on Harrier who advised up that there would be a delay to the start as we had no wind and would revied the situation at 11.30.  At 11.30 the breeze started to pickup and the OOD advised us that he would be starting the race sequence at 12.00.

By the time the first race started we had a steady breeze. The course was a windward leeward course. Class one and two started together and everyone got off to a clean start. It was our turn next classes three and four starting together. We all manager to get a clean start. We had a steady wind for the race which was shortened after one lap. The next race was again windward leeward course. The wind shifting during the race so the OOD had to move the windward mark twice keeping us on our toes trying to locate it. As the wind had picked up during the second race, we managed to get three laps in before it was shortened.

We had a great day sailing with fine weather

After the last year it was lovely just to get back on to the water and I would like to thank everyone who made this possible.

Ian Aitken

From the Deck of Hope and Glory

On the way to meet the rest of the team on ‘Hope & Glory,’ I ran into a new team member and learned that she was so excited about her first outing on the boat that she had woken at 4:am.  After more than 20 years sailing on the same yacht, I had slept soundly, but loved hearing about her enthusiasm for joining us.  At the same time, I acknowledged how thrilled I was at being back on board after she was laid up all last year, due to the pandemic. 

Saturday was a training day; a first for me with PYRA.  Tim and Jo Edom, along with Matt Hitt, gave us two practice starts along with two practice Windward/Leewards.  While Tim was his usual professional self, it was still very laid back and gave all the new people (on our boat and others) a chance to experience the exhilaration of starts in a relaxed atmosphere.  There was no pressure, just learning.   Rob and Angus Kemp were on RIBs, blasting between the boats to give advice to the sailors.  We appreciated Rob coming over to suggest more twist in our main. 

Fortunately, the weather was perfect for the training day with a light breeze and enough sunshine.  It was cold on the water, but not perishing, and there was only a little rain.  Once the rain came in earnest, Tim called it off and we all sailed back to our respective marinas.  On ‘Hope & Glory,’ we had an on board debrief with a beer and everyone remarked on what a fantastic day they had. 

On the way back out to the racecourse on the second day, the wind was very light and variable;  what a disappointment!  Tim flew the AP on the way out, so there was no sense of hurry.  He also persevered and got us away for a Windward/Leeward in the early afternoon as soon as there was a steady breeze.  Against the odds, the sailing was superb.  We had a fleet of 15 yachts, which gave plenty of competition, in a Force 2-3 breeze with patches of lovely sunshine.  What more could a racing sailor ask for?

On the second Windward/Leeward, we had four rounds and because the wind was so shifty, Tim and Matt moved the windward mark each round.  Once again, on the way in and on our onboard debrief, there were cheers all around for the race organisers.  

Very unfortunately, racing was called off on the third day, the Navigators’ Challenge.  I am the navigator and had really enjoyed thinking about all the options on the course, but of course had no enthusiasm for sailing in a F6, gusting 8.  It was definitely the right decision.  And now, the crew on ‘Hope & Glory’ is really looking forward to the second May Bank Holiday Weekend, when we will be out again. 

Kate Mellor


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