2017 Weymouth and Regatta

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2017 Results Passage Series B

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A weekend of extremes

On Friday a soft northerly/north-westerly breeze greeted the fleet at the Swash start line. The course was start line to Weymouth No 2 finish line, taking times when due north or south of Arish Mel. Spinnakers were flown from the start and held for a little way round the corner at Durlstone Head. It was then a fetch most of the way with a few tacks at the end to make the finish line. At St Albans the Sun sunk to the horizon giving us a spectacular sunset. As the light went the moon took over and illuminated the white cliffs on the shore. It was a perfect summer night sail.

Saturday was bright and sunny with light winds. Class I joined the Weymouth regatta while other classes enjoyed a lay day. The crews of Mojito, Solmate, Maris Otter, and Volante, all walked to the Cove House Inn while the crew of Matchmaker caught the bus to Portland Bill and walked some of the way back and then made use of public transport followed by a steep walk down the Hill to the pub. Buses were used to get us back to the quay.

The rendezvous, the Royal Dorset Yacht Club, unbeknown to us was shut and so so a plan B was organised by our captain and we enjoyed drinks at the bar/restaurant below the club. Roger arranged the normal Rum Tot and Loyal Toast, a short resume of RN History on this Day and of course the presentation of prizes; wine for Class winners on Friday and bubbly for those competing in the Regatta.

On Sunday we awoke to a grey damp morning with some wind in the air. All classes apart from class I had agreed to bring start time forward to 0700 for class 3, (only one competitor Shebeen), while classes 2 and 4 started at 0800. Soulmate acted as start boat. The wind was 5 to 6 southerly giving a lively sail home. There seemed a lot of lobster pots, but I saw none going to Weymouth! We started with our No 3 and one reef in the main but approaching St Alban’s we decided to put a second reef in make control much easier.  The seas were confused St Alban’s making for some testing helming and an occasional surge of speed. Seas were less confused at Durlston but were steep, again giving some lively sailing. Once past Durlston we shook out the second reef.

All in all a good weekend.


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