2016 Weymouth Magnum Weekend

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2016 Magnum

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PYRA 2016 Weymouth Magnum 10From the deck of Quadrophenia

Considering it was due to have been a wet weekend we luckily experienced no rain while sailing during the weekend!

After a wonderful start by our start boat for the weekend, Blue Ecstasy, we all got away in light winds to take Peveril Ledge to starboard. Unhappily, four boats, Ceres, Supa Nova, Virago and ourselves, Quadrophenia, failed to make the buoy and were taken below it on the strong west going tide.

So began the long motor to Weymouth! Having said that it gave us the chance to see what all the class one boats get up to when they are up ahead and we are unable to see them!! As it started to get dark and we passed Hope and Glory who had not yet reached Arish Mell and were finding it difficult to fill their spinnaker. As we passed Arish Mell, we finally spotted Blue Jay who were bravely still flying their asymmetric in the variable wind.

We motored on towards Weymouth and played “find the entrance” with all the flashing lights on the land! Why does it never matter how well you know a port in the day light, it looks so alien in the dark?

Once in the harbour we soon found Ceres (a big engine really pays off when you have to retire!) and decided it would be prudent to raft up to her rather than be the inside boat to Hope and Glory, who was motoring up fast behind us! Rob showed off his boat handling skills by getting H&G into a tight spot behind Ceres!

Over the next couple of hours the rest of the PYRA fleet arrived in dribs and drabs and with varying levels of success (or determination!)

Saturday arrived with even less wind, and despite Roger going out into the bay to make an offering to the wind gods, it refused to arrive! So our illustrious leader decided that energy should be expelled on the beach with games of tug of war, three legged races and a relay racing! Unfortunately Quadrophenia had a made prior arrangements and couldn’t attend, but it sounds as if a good time was had by all!

The RV at Weymouth Sailing club was wonderful as always, with Roger doing his 6 o’clock “rum tot” followed by a majority remaining to eat at the club and take part in the “Fraid Seau Quiz”

Over night rain had cleared by the time the PYRA crews were up for our nine o’clock start and although it looked damp over land, out in the bay it was dry and although the winds were lightish at least there was some!!

Blue Ecstasy chose to do a gate start for a change and we all got away and tacked down to a windward mark under the tower on the pier. Having all rounded that with a variety of success, we all set off under spinnaker for home. We all became quite stretched out with the class 1 boats taking off and rest of us coming up behind. We fell into the mid-way group with Virago, Pink Panther, Supa Nova, Maris Otter and Mojito, with Ceres, Fraid seau and Zorra coming up behind.

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