Who wants to be a Skipper?

Who wants to be a Skipper?

He or she must know about their crew and guests’ medical problems.

The skipper has a legal and moral responsibility for:

  • the operation of this boat
  • emergency health care
  • safety of the crew and guests

Unique to boating:

  • man overboard
  • head injuries from booms
  • chewed up by a propeller
  • falling on decks, walkways, ladders, pontoons
  • swimming, diving especially in shallow water

and of course:

  • drowning, cold immersion, hypothermia, exposure, fatigue, incompatibility, heat exhaustion, dehydration, alcoholic intoxication, drug side-effects etc


  • heart attacks, diabetes, epilepsy —–

And if the skipper goes down then number 2 must take over.

The skipper must:

  • know about his crew and guests’  illnesses and medication.
  • give a safety briefing.
  • log all incidents and accidents.
  • organise regular observations to be kept and recorded on all injured or ill crew or guests

See “Useful Forms”


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