2018 Photographic Competition

2018 Photographic Competition

Photographs should show PYRA racing or at play and capture the essence of PYRA.

i.e.  :-

  • at least two PYRA boats in the photograph or
  • an incident involving a PYRA boat
  • or crew from at least two  PYRA boats or,
  • a PYRA officer doing his/her thing

The last 6 photos do not satisfy competition criteria so are not eligible for the main competition prize but are considered worthy of inclusion and comment.

Contributors of Photos are asked to consider if they wish to have any of their photos included in the competition should they not already be included. Please send photos to the webmaster more information  here

——-Scroll down for results——–

AND THE WINNER IS …………………………………………

As for the winners:

1st –  PYRA 2018 Weymouth Magnum 23 What attracted me was the crew having fun.   (Matchmaker II )

2nd –  PYRA 2018 Hamble 23 (Myriam)


3rd – Pyra 2018-05-05 Alderney 20 (Myriam)

PYRA 2018-05-05 Alderney 20

Highly commended:
Weymouth Bay  (‘Fraid S’eau)

Alderney 73  (Smithy)

 (‘Fraid S’eau)

Hamble  11  (Myriam)


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