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Although done under the name of the “webmasterPYRA” photographs have been provided by the membership.

Please take photographs and forward  them to your webmaster together with any tales that go with them. We run an annual Photo Competition.

Photos are copyright free to PYRA members and crew so if you see a shot you like you may download it.

The photos are much better if you use your full screen!

Your webmaster is extremely keen that you provide him with photographs for the website. As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Photographs may be exactly as on your camera or phone or may be cropped, leveled, and enhanced.

Photographs may be sent using any of the following methods: –

1)  email    webmaster@     “” ( see officers )  Use to send large numbers of photographs.  I use it all the time and its free!!
2)  CD/DVD and posted/delivered to Mike Fox, 13 Sandbanks Road, Poole, BH14 8AG.

It is useful if photographs have been cropped, levelled, and enhanced if necessary, using photo editing software.

It helps if you can send your best photographs rather than inundating me with 100s of photographs, although I would rather have 100s than none!

If you wish them to be used for the photographic competition then the higher the resolution the better. It is helpful if you let me know which, if any, of your photographs you wish to enter, and also if you give them a title.

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