Photographic Competition

Photographs may be entered through out the season and should show PYRA racing or at play and capture the essence of PYRA.

i.e.  :-

  • at least two PYRA boats in the photograph or
  • an incident involving a PYRA boat
  • or crew from at least two  PYRA boats or,
  • a PYRA officer doing his/her thing!

Competition closes 1 week after the last race.

Our judge is Brian Woolgar who is president of Ferndown Camera Club.

A couple of hints based on one of his emails to me!

“As before the standard of pictures is very high. A couple of comments; Watch out for sloping horizons, difficult under the circumstances.”    Can be corrected with apps/software [Webmaster’s comment]
“Also make sure there is separation in the picture, that is avoid part of one boat obscuring full view of another in the distance.”   Not always possible! [Webmaster’s comment]

Your Webmaster

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