2016 Photographic Competiton

Photographic Competition

Photographs should show PYRA racing or at play and capture the essence of PYRA.

i.e. :-

at least two PYRA boats in the photograph or
an incident involving a PYRA boat
or crew from at least two PYRA boats or,
a PYRA officer doing his/her thing!

These photographs are copyright and may only be downloaded by PYRA members or by persons who have the permission of the photographer.

Photo 8 “Lone Sailor in a Sea of Sunlight” is included but does not satisfy the above requirements

And the Winner is:-

Each year this task becomes more difficult with the standard rising year on year. I hope I have done justice to your members but as they say it is all in the eye of the beholder. My selections are as follows:

1 Pic 17. The expression on the skippers face and the framing of the competing yacht makes this a winner for me.  [Myriam]

2 Pic 7. Good framing of the competing yacht and the coast plus the good eye contact by the crewman with the camera works well. [Matchmaker]

3 Pic 10. Lots of drama with the leading yacht fighting the strong wind makes this a worthy third.  [Myriam]

Pic 21 Highly commended. [‘Fraid S’eau]

Pics 1 and 15 Commended  [Myriam] [Myriam]

My congratulations to all.

Best regards Brian

75 Years of PYRA

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