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We are always pleased to welcome new members into PYRA.

There are two primary grades of membership, full membership, and crew membership.

Full membership is open to owners of bona fide yachts and multi hulls, there are certain safety requirements which these need to satisfy.

Crew membership is open to non-boat owners.

Secondary grades of membership are, temporary membership, which is open to visiting yachtsman to enable them to complete in a maximum of two weekends racing, and honorary membership.

To join please download and complete the appropriate membership form and return to the     Secretary

Membership Forms

If you wish to discuss joining please email the secretary or one of the Club Representatives including your phone number.

Add “” !

Parkstone Yacht Club   parkstone-rep@

Poole Yacht Club             poole-rep@

Royal Motor Yacht Club    royalmotor-rep@


If you were a member last year then you should receive from the Secretary by email an Application Form with some data completed. This should be received in early February. This form should returned completed to the Secretary.

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