On Water Reporters

In order to share the load, on water reporting, for an event or weekend, will be allocated randomly to a competitor. After entries have closed the entry list and a random number generator will be used to select a competitor. A first and second reserve will also be allocated, to be used only in the event that the allocated competitor fails to take part in the race/races.

The report should cover the whole weekend or event. It does not need to be a detailed blow by blow account but one which conveys the flavour of the racing and socialising for those who were not there, or are not familiar with the ways of PYRA.

If you are in doubt as to what is required take a look at the events of 2019 for ideas.

Reports should e sent to the webmaster — webmaster “at” PYRA.org.uk

Photos would also be appreciated but it is also hoped that other competitors will have taken photos which they will forward to the webmaster – see photos below.


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