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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday 29th June 2021     Stoneways Marine VPRS National Championship 2021 to be held 28th-29th August in Lymington   The Stoneways Marine VPRS National Championship is to be held at Lymington Town Sailing Club on the 28th and 29th August 2021.  Make sure to save the date in your diary so you can join a weekend of competition on the water followed by friendly post racing socials with likeminded sailors.
The 2021 Championship is sponsored by Stoneways Marine, a leading yacht and marine trade insurance provider.  Based on the ethos of providing the highest levels of service, care and expertise, Stoneways offer insurance solutions for mariners from mariners and are often able to provide cover when others can’t.
Keith Lovett, Managing Director & Senior Underwriter at Stoneways Marine said, “As an avid yacht racer myself and knowing so many who compete amongst the VPRS fleet, it is a pleasure to be able to support the 2021 VPRS National Championship.  After such turbulent times I think everyone has been itching to get back out racing and we are keen to help make the Nationals of 2021 as memorable as we can.”  
The Velocity Prediction Rating System (VPRS) is rapidly growing in popularity due to its simplicity of using a conventional set of measurements and low entry cost.  An annual rating certificate costs a mere £20.  The principal of the VPRS is to rate a boat based on its performance potential and its use has meant easier race scoring, resulting in more diverse and appealing racing fleets.  The system is now used across the South Coast of the UK, in parts of Europe and South America having developed considerably since its initial introduction by Poole Yacht Racing Association in 2010.  
It is not too late to get a VPRS rating for the championship and full details can be found at vprs.org.  For all your 2021 yacht insurance needs, contact the Stoneways team on 03333 609 886 or visit stoneways.co.uk.   ENDS   VPRS Nationals 2019 VPRS Nationals 2018 © Ian Roman Photography     To download a word document version of this press release please click here.     About Stoneways Marine Stoneways Marine Insurance can trace its roots back to the early 1980’s. Keith Lovett, a keen dinghy and multihull sailor took on the challenge to help build a yacht insurance account for an insurance broker in his hometown, Poole in Dorset.

Within a few years he was both instrumental in providing the first combined insurance policies for businesses in the marine industry and his sailing exploits had transitioned to larger yachts; becoming a sought-after foredeck crew.

By the early 1990’s another keen yachtsman, Guy Prest with his wife Liz had acquired a specialist equine insurance broker called KBIS. With both Guy and Keith working in the insurance industry and having a common interest in all things maritime, it didn’t take long for their paths to cross, racing against and then with each other in their own yachts with the Poole Yacht Racing Association.

Stoneways Insurance Services had been formed in 2004 and acquired by KBIS in 2017. When Guy’s son Will returned from time at sea in the merchant navy with more affinity to boating than the equestrian world, the idea to transform the company into a service driven leading yacht and marine trade insurance provider was first mooted. In 2020 following Keith’s departure from a worldwide Insurer where he had held the role of a Senior Underwriter, Will and Keith joined forces to form the management team leading Stoneways.
Stoneways offers insurance solutions for mariners from mariners with the highest level of service, care and expertise.

About VPRS

VPRS enables ballasted monohull yachts including sportsboats to race fairly against one another by applying Time Correction Coefficients (TCCs) to elapsed race times. The TCCs are generated by a Velocity Prediction Program (VPP)—software that calculates a boat’s potential performance in a range of wind conditions. A straightforward set of measurements for each boat configures the operation of the VPP. Proved through testing and racing over 10 years, VPRS offers yacht clubs a single system which is easy to use—with the precision demanded by serious racers. Annual rating is just £20 for any boat. Originally developed for PYRA in 2009, VPRS is used by all the major clubs in Poole Harbour as well as clubs in Chichester Harbour, the Solent, Weymouth, Plymouth and Ireland. We also have users in the Mediterranean and Brazil. Image credits –
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Image 2  – Ian Roman – Ian Roman Photography For further information and to arrange interviews please contact: Chris Jones (The Knot Agency) – chris.jones@kn8t.com – 020 3468 3458
Keith Lovett – Stoneways Marine – keithlovett@stoneways.co.uk / 07483 803052

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