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Feeder Race to Cowes

A View from ‘Fraid S’eau’- (Class 3)

A strong fleet of over 20 boats gathered in Poole Bay for the feeder race to Cowes for the Cloudy Bay Round the Island Race with 4 classes represented, but with no wind our committee boat ‘Esprit’ required the fleet to motor in convey towards the Island.

Shortly some breeze was located and we were under starters orders. In Class 3 the start was a tight shy reach with ‘Wasp’ gaining the windward advantage closely pursued by QT, Shebeen and ‘Fraid S’ eau.

Classes 1&2 were underway 5 minutes later and soon caught the slower Class3 & 4’s.

The breeze held and it was a starboard pole all the way to North Head kite where some dropped the kite but Shebeen and ‘Fraid S’eau flattened the sail and gained some distance through Hurst to Yarmouth.

The race continued under spinnaker all the way to the Gurnard finishing line with a few some electing to gybe downwind but the more direct line proved the better tactic in the strong flood tide.

Round the Island Race this year has been quoted as “probably one of the most challenging”

Indeed, it proved to be tricky particularly the later starters with light winds and foul tide from Hurst to The Needles – and a few ‘holes’ to fall into!  However, the PYRA fleet overcame the odds and most finished with good results. In ISC divisions Ian Aitken in particular wining Class ISC 7C in his MG27 ‘Minstral’ 2nd in Group and 5th overall in ISC. In addition, as part of a Poole YC team with fellow PYRA members in 7D Roger Bond in ‘Fraid S’eau (2nd ) and Ken Morgan in ‘Shebeen’ (6th ) , the team achieved second in the Arun YC Team Challenge Trophy; pipped again by the team from the Island Sailing Club by only a couple of points.

The return to Poole from Cowes was raced under little wind and a foul tide at Hurst. Congratulations to the skilful crew on Shebeen for avoiding parking on the Shingles and the only boat to finish at North Head!

PYRA boats in the top 50 of IRC

GBR1972 MS AMLIN QT 0.839 18:42:57 11:12:57 09:24:36 13
GBR9545 FIREBIRD 0.882 18:36:12 11:06:12 09:47:35 27
GBR4353 BLUES 0.914 18:33:56 11:03:56 10:06:50 46
IRL2950 VOLANTE 0.926 18:25:31 10:55:31 10:07:01 48

PYRA boats in the top 50 of ISCRS

GBR1781T MINSTRAL 0.949 18:37:29 10:37:29 10:04:58 5
GBR4260 MATCHMAKER II 0.973 18:29:26 10:29:26 10:12:26 9
509X IT’S NOW OR NEVER 0.935 19:05:09 11:05:09 10:21:55 15
GBR8860T MINTAKA 0.992 18:15:58 10:35:58 10:30:53 26
GBR2846L PIED PIPER 0.898 19:58:35 11:48:35 10:36:18 31

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