2018 Cherbourg (Rearranged to Weymouth)


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To Weymouth



At Weymouth and Return

A Sparkling Sail

Those studying the weather forecast for the weekend were becoming anxious at the prospect of motoring to Cherbourg and perhaps not arriving in time for the “Bee’s Sail Repair” free beer and wine, then just having time to have a meal in Cherbourg, then not too late to bed to get up to motor back home to Poole.

By Friday, the day before departure there were hints that the destination might be changed to Weymouth.

8 class1 boats and 1 class 4 boat arrived for the 0700hrs start on the Swash start line. The course was announced: Peverel ledge buoy to starboard, all DZ buoys to starboard taking our time at DZB, Arish Mell to port taking our time, Weymouth finish line. A sigh of relief that we weren’t going to Cherbourg!

We started with a soft NW breeze enabling kites to be set, but not always full! The sun sparkled on the water and we had glorious sailing conditions although at times perhaps a little bit more wind would have helped. It was a treat to be able to sail in shirtsleeves.
The wind went light at Durlstone Head and swung southerly. With the westerly tide building there were concerns of not being able to make enough southerly going to round the DZ buoys, however everyone succeeded although there was certainly a little bit more tide on DZB than we had anticipated!

Spinnakers were held to Arish Mel then the breeze filled in in from the West giving us a beat to the finish line.
“Joy” a JPK 1010 won in class I

Drinks were enjoyed on “Hope and Glory” and then many made their way to the Weymouth Tandoori to eat.

Sunday was another sunny day and the wind had gone to the SE and was about F2. “Hope and Glory” our start boat elected to start all classes together and to have a gate start. The course was the reverse of Saturday’s. At the start we thought we might just lay Arish Mel however we did finish up putting in some tacks. From Arish Mel the wind died and we (“Baldrick’s Arc” ) elected to abandon race at that point having taken our time at Arish Mel. The class 1 boats carrying spinnakers battled on and most made the finish but not with a little bit of difficulty in the very light wind.

“Amethyst” an Elan 40 was the winner in class I.

(Mike Fox on Baldrick’s Arc – class 4)

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