Class 4

Family Friendly Class (all speeds) open principally to families and friends alike wishing to sail short-handed with or without spinnaker. Great for newcomers and those 2-handed -with or without  children.  Ideal for couples, shorthanded or newcomers to racing –
Straightforward Bay, Coastal and Channel racing in company – very good company!
If a declaration has been received that a spinnaker will not be used for the whole of
the season, this will be noted on the Class 4 list and the no spinnaker fleet rating will
be used, otherwise TCC will be used.
If more than three persons are on board over the age of 7 years during a race each
additional crew will incur a 5% time penalty per person. Number on board to be
reported with finishing times.
Crew will be counted as 8 years old, or older, if they attained the age of 8 before the
1st September of the preceding year (as per school years).

Class Flag — Numeral 4

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