Enter PYRA Event

Enter PYRA Event

Here you can enter any of the remaining PYRA events being staged this year.

Time in Poole: 12:44:37

A reminder from the Red Book

Entry lists shall close at 1200 hrs. on the Wednesday prior to the day of the race concerned, or, in the case of a race which starts on a Friday, the Tuesday before.

A boat shall be entered either by:-

  • A) By Completing the Form Below and submitting it  
    • or by making an entry via e-mail to secretary@pyra.org.uk

The subject of the e-mail shall be of the format:
Race Entry, Race Number and Boat Sail Number.  The body of message shall be of the format: Race Title, Race Number, Sail Number, Boat Name & Class .
Note: Entry lists will close as above

  • B) Making an entry on one of the lists for each race on the notice boards at the member clubs.
  • C) Making a line entry. A competitor finding it necessary to make a line entry as a result of failing to comply with A) or B) above shall report to the Starting Officer stating their wish to enter the race and this shall be done before the 5 min signal of the class they wish to enter. Line entries should only be used in exceptional circumstances. Be aware that the Starting Officer may be busy starting other classes and that line entries are not accepted for some races – see the Race Programme.

NOTE: For regattas individual entries must be made directly to the organising club

If you have Autocomplete for forms enabled within IE or the equivalent function in other browsers, then once a form has been completed and submitted, subsequently all new submissions will only require the appropriate data to be selected to ease your amount of typing.

On completion, a copy of the what was sent will be made available that you can print for your records.

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