Racing Marks – Solent

Solent Marks 2015 Modified (updated 2016-01-02) Chart




Note – the “Names” used are those used in the Solent Mark Designations ie Bar Buoy is “1B”  although the “Description” is “Bar Buoy No 1”
a  gpx file for importing into apps etc Includes: North Head, Needles Fairway, Needles Channel Marks, Christchuch Ledge, Haven Insurance, Bar Buoy, Peveril Ledge.

Solent Cruising and Racing Association the originator of Solent Marks. Note link to EasyGPS for loading GPX files to Plotters.

It make sense to have the “List by Zone” handy.

Solent Marks 2015 Modified (updated 2016-01-02).gpx    Marks which  duplicate Hurst to Lulworth have been removed from this set. Copy the file above to your computer and remove the  “.txt”to convert it from a text file to a .gpx file.

Solent Marks 2015 Modified (updated 2016-01-02)  Chart of marks – save this html file to your smart phone/tablet and it should work without a connection.

Solent Interactive Chart   when in use requires an internet connection

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